Panel stops working suddenly (local server)

My panel has stopped working suddenly giving me the “The JSON response from the API could not be parsed.”-error.
Makes no sense to me since I did nothing with it yet (other than going through the “installing” process).
Untouched Kirby 3 starterkit and everything was fine yesterday.
Running Xampp 3.2.3.

Hi, when exactly does the error show up? From what I understand, you can log in successfully, but then you see the error where there should be the “Dashboard”?

And you really haven’t done anything? Like changed a blueprint?

What you could try: Remove your account from /site/accounts, remove all session files from site/sessions, delete all session cookies from your browser and then create a new account.

No, I can’t even log in. I browse to localhost/mysite/panel and there already is the error.

Changed the css background color :smiley: – This shouldn’t be the culprit I suppose.

Did not help interestingly… :thinking:

But the frontend works without any errors?

Hm, maybe just download the Starterkit again, looks like something is broken and if you haven’t changed anything and it worked yesterday, then maybe a little nasty creature slipped in at night and stole some data :wink:

Yes! Even more baffling that the frontend just works without any errors.
So yes, maybe a bitflip or what not.

When I tried to delete the existing site folder I got an Windows error whining about permissions… So maybe it’s just that Windows is the nasty creature and does chmod 444 at night :smile:

Thanks anyway for your attention and help, @texnixe!

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