Error on panel after login

please help, i’m a designer not a developer :slight_smile: i don’t know exactly what this error and how to fix it. when i login to panel, this is the error i got.

Hey, welcome to the forum.

Is that a fresh Starterkit? If not, are you using any plugins (which ones)? Custom code regarding Panel areas?

And which Kirby version?

Hi Texnixe,

It’s a plainkit. I didn’t used any plugins yet. No custom code for panel area either. Latest downloaded version.

I’m not sure if it is a fixed, but I downloaded a new plainkit, overwrite all the sub-folders except for the “kirby” folder. Go to the /panel again and it works. I created new user again.

Any idea what’s happening?

Note: I deleted all the files under the folders: users, cache, and sessions.

So it’s working now? Can’t tell what happened there. Did you have an older version of the plainkit installed before?

yes it’s working now. First time I downloaded and used the plainkit 2 weeks ago. :slight_smile: