Panel screen is blank when deploying to live site

Hi there :wave:

I’m having a lot of trouble getting my site to run on a live server (SiteGround). The front end of the site functions fine, but the panel shows a completely blank page. There are no errors in the server logs, no errors on the page, no errors in the server logs.

Everything runs fine locally. I also uploaded the identical files to another server (hosted by Hostinger) and the panel functions completely fine.

On the SiteGround server, the panel does load if I remove the custom plugin I made following the Block factory tutorial. The plugin is very faithful to the tutorial, I haven’t added any wild functionality. I can’t work out why this is.

Again, the other test site runs the identical code completely fine on Hostinger. I know others have had issues with SiteGround+Kirby in the past but the solutions of disabling caching etc aren’t helping here. I spoke to SiteGround support and they say all of the Kirby CMS requirements are supported. I’m currently sifting through the two hosts’ PHP info pages to try and find any differences.

Some other notes:

  • Running PHP 8.0
  • Entire front end is fine
  • Subpages load fine
  • Using default htaccess, have tried setting RewriteBase / but doesn’t help
  • There are no errors in the server logs or browser console
  • Debug in config is on, panel install is on
  • I’ve disabled SiteGround’s NGINX Direct Delivery caching (not sure how this works given Apache server)
  • I’ve tried deleting the contents of Kirby’s cache folder, as well as regularly clearing the server cache
  • Navigating to any sub page of the panel (e.g panel/system) just shows printed JSON

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Okay just solved the issue… I’d never come across this before but I had a few lines of blank/white space at the top of my plugin’s index.php file. After removing them, the panel works completely fine :face_with_spiral_eyes: Not sure what it is about SiteGround’s server setup that was not happy with them, maybe a variable in php info I missed

Happy to leave this here in case it’s helpful to anyone, other admins feel free to delete