Panel: max number of pages in root view

Is there a maximum number of pages that kirby panel displays when in the root view (eg the page list at the top-left w/ pages like Home, Error, etc)?

I duplicated around 60 pages and this is all I can see:

I am working on a portfolio website and setup kirby-modules to make new project pages, but I then thought that if I just make a new folder for each new project at the very root of /content, I don’t need kirby-modules at all (as the main reason why I installed it is to deal with the kirby panel view of subpages)

I am basically trying to cut down on clicks and make it as immediate as possible.

Any suggestions?

Two options: Fiddle with the core widget, or hide the core widget and create your own with pagination and your own limits.

In short: not really :smiley:

Will look into the core widget. Thanks.

No, really, it shouldn’t be a big thing to copy the native widget and modify it for your purposes.

is it this file?

No, the two files in /panel/app/widgets/pages/.

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