No pagination in pages widget (kirby 2.3)

I’m managing a kirby site with big amount of pages (~100), it uses an old version of kirby and I’m updating it right now to 2.3

My problem is that I can see all the pages in the panel! it seems that the pages are paginated. but the pagination navbar doesn’t appear in the panel. Is this known bug? is there a way to resolve this?

To be sure, I can find all the missing pages using the search, so I know they are there.


Just to be sure, are you talking about subpages or root pages ?
i.e. are you accessing from inside a page or from the dashboard.

root pages. directly on the dashboard.

Can you share the top part of your site blueprint ? Everything up to the fields.

title: Site
    - folder
    - page
    - blog
    - blog-article
    - team
    - program-overview
    - pricing-planning
    - pricing-preparation
    - pricing-review
    - pricing-review-custom
    - success-stories
    - accordion-list
    - contact-us
    - olsas-calculator
    - omsas-calculator
    - timer-video
    - leadpage
    - checkout
    - usermanagement
    - login

it seems the forum doesn’t like my spaces - I promise they exist.

btw looking into the widgets/pages/pages.html.php inside my panel app shows this -

<ul class="nav nav-list sidebar-list">
  <?php foreach($pages as $c): ?>
  <?php echo new Kirby\Panel\Snippet('pages/sidebar/subpage', array('subpage' => $c)) ?>
  <?php endforeach ?>

which doesnt include pagination link…

To format code nicely, you must use three backticks ` before and after the code.

As far as I know there is no pagination for the list of pages on the dashboard. Probably because it is very unusual to have that many pages on the root of the content folder.

Ok, so this should be marked as a bug I think…

since the widget paginates them.


  return tpl::load(__DIR__ . DS . 'pages.html.php', array(
    'pages' => $site->children()->paginated('sidebar')

Yeah, I agree, there seems to be something missing …

for now I just removed the


and it works, I would have preferred pagination (looks more elegant I think).

Should I open an issue on github page or something?

Yes, please do (and some more characters to make it 20)

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done, it’s in the panel part of the kirby github hope this is ok

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