Missing Pagination and order in Panel

After login in the panel there is a list of all the Verteilerseiten of the portal.

Unfortunately this listing is not complete. Only 20 are beeing displayed. Du to a missing paginatin I can not reach the missing pages that are not displayed.

Additionaly there is no alphabetic order so that it is very difficult to find a page.

Has anyone an idea how to solve this problem?

Cheers :slight_smile:

Didn’t you say your “Verteilerseiten” are children of home? Then they wouldn’t appear on the dashboard, though?

Anyway, unfortunately, the Pages widget on the dashboard currently doesn’t have pagination, maybe because no one forewaw that people would have more than 20 first level pages.

There is already a pull request on GitHub: https://github.com/getkirby/panel/pull/1036, but to implement that right now, you would have to modify the source code.

If you don’t want to mess with the source code, you could create a custom Panel widget, which is basically a copy of the original widget plus pagination and sorting (and then hide the original widget).

In fact these Verteilerseiten are subpages of major topics shown in my self made navigation. these major topics have no own content. They are just part of the mega menue.

The problem with kirby is that if i do the structure including these majhor topics the topics bekome to pages. But they have no content. And this will result in problems when someone tries to open it.

Thats why i start in kirby with their children.

In my navigation:

– topic a
– -- verteilerseite a
– -- – content page 1
– -- – content page 2
– -- verteilerseite b
– -- – content page 1
– -- – content page 2

in kirby there are ony pages with own content like this:

– verteilerseite a
– -- content page 1
– -- content page 2
– verteilerseite b
– -- content page 1
– -- content page 2

the topic is missing because it has no own content and is only for orientation in the menue.

Any idea for a workaround ?

Well, yes, I understand that, but what I don’t understand is why these Verteilerseiten then appear on the dashboard at all, because they are not first level pages (with first level I mean home folder and every page on the same level as home in the file system), as seen in the screenshot of a fresh starterkit below:

The pages widget in this dashboard is indeed missing a pagination. The sort order is by number and for the invisible pages by title.

Or to ask the question another way round: Can you please post a screenshot of what exactly you mean with the missing pagination, maybe we are having a misunderstanding.

As regards the topics: Yes, the topics would be pages, but you could either create a template or a route that reroutes these content-less pages to a parent or subpage or the error page if anyone tried to access the page directly, so that wouldn’t be a problem.

BTW: Where to you end up when you open a topic link in the navigation?

I think I can not explain that in English.

Because of the mega menue there is no need to open a topic. Because I did not built up folders in kirby for the topics the even don’t exist in the URL :slight_smile: So there is no risk of an 404.

No, the order of the Verteilerseiten in the listing in the panel is not by name. It is a chaos order.

I do not have a home folder.

Oh dear it is so hard to explain and to understand all that in a foreign language :,-(

Well, here you outlined that your Verteilerpages are below home, now you say, there is no home folder, and from the widget I can see that you have a lot of first level pages.

Anyway, if you make the pages visible, you could sort them in the order you need. Currently, they are probably sorted by UID, like in the file system.

I have already suggested that you create a custom Panel widget with a sort order by title. The current Pages (Seiten) widget on the dashboard does not have any options (and unfortunately, there is no alternative widget yet).

However, I wonder if the site wouldn’t be easier to handle if you had some more structure instead of that many first level pages.

Well I do not understand the thing with the home…

The pages are all visible. You can see them all online! Putting them visible or unvisible in the panel has unfortunaltely no effect.

Even if I sort the pages ba the visible-numerbing there is still the problem with the misssing pagination and all the lost (invisible pages to my editors) in the panel.

I think I will create a html page with a listing of links to ALL the Verteilerseiten to kerby panel. A bit tricky but seems to be the easiest way because non of us could customize a widget.

In my opinion it is very important to mention that there is a limit to twenty pages. . I did not knew that in advance…My editors need access to all Verteilerseiten.

As I said, there is a pull request on Github, you could just copy/paste those changes into your project and you will have pagination.

Aren’t these 20+ pages accessible via the Pages page?

Visible pages: Yes, visible pages are still visible on the frontend, visibility is just a flag you can use for sorting purposes.

I think the structure with a mega menue is wonderful because we have more than 200 pages.
the Item in the top line is only for orientation and needs no content. Thats why I did not make a Ordner in Kirby file system. Beginning with the Verteilerseiten (and the pages as their children) it works greate.

Ok, I will search for the paginationi now. Thank you.

Sure, that’s up to you, of course. I’d create subfolders for two reasons:

  • more structure
  • no need to manually create the menu structure
  • easier to change

Then I would not put links around the items in the top line and redirect those pages to the error page in case someone wants to access them directly.

But that’s just my 2 cents :innocent:

You are absolutely right. But I don’t like error pages :wink:
BTW: Pagination works fine now.