Panel URL problems

i am actually new in this forum and trying to use Kirby for a project. So far pretty god, i would say. At one point the system didnt found any longer my page in the frontend. Then i checked the url and found the issue.

Normally it should look like this:

Now its like:

So instead of using the “/” its now putting a “+ or -” between.

I got to say that i tried to setup the Algolia search, when this happend. I think there is a problem with the routing. But i really dont got any idea how to fix it. Hopefully someone of this nice community can help me :slight_smile:

:wave: @Tony, welcome to Kirby!

Panel URLs always look like your second example, so firstlevel-page+child-page. But that has nothing to do with the frontend?

Frontend URLs don’t use + but normal slashes.

Thanks for the quick response. The issue is, that kirby cant open some of the articles but not all all them. There is no different between the articles. It doesnt matter if there is content in it or not. Makes that sense? I dont know how to describe it better. Maybe u got a hint what i should check.

Not really.

Are we talking about you cannot open pages in the Panel or you cannot open pages on the frontend here? Because the URLs you provided above are Panel URLs not frontend URLs.

And what is the result? The error page? A blank page? Some error message?

Does that problem disappear if you remove the plugin (or how did you setup Algolia search)?

There comes the typical error page. With this info:

“This page is currently offline due to an unexpected error. We are very sorry for the inconvenience and will fix it as soon as possible.”

Here is an example for the problem. Same kind of article. The first one is working the other not.


I deleted all of the Algolia code afterwards. Then the issue appears.

Ok, so we are talking about the frontend and that sounds very much like some PHP error. I just wonder why you posted the Panel URLs and why Panel URLs is the title of this topic.

Could you please enable debugging in the /site/config/config.php?

Also, it would be useful if you post the template code for these pages.

Okay, that was easy. I had an issue with the naming of a link witch iam fetching. Had different names for it in the blueprint of the panel. Sorry for this stupid problem. I try to improve myself :slight_smile: Never used the debugging site before. Thanks for your time.

You are welcome!