Remove pagination on pages within the panel

Hi all,

I have a site with many subpages under one page. For the client’s sake, I would like to make it easy for them to drag and drop the order of these pages, without having to change to order (i.e. completely via using the drag and drop feature in ‘edit’ pages).

The problem is, these pages paginate at 20, so a page which is on page 2, cannot be dragged to page 1 (it can just be dragged within page 2). Attached is a screenshot of what I mean (I don’t want ‘1/3’, I just want all the pages shown at once).

Is there a way I can change this, so that the pages I see within edit are just one long list without any pagination?

In app/views/subpages/index.php I have tried chaning

<?php echo $visible->pagination() ?>


<?php echo $visible ?>

But all this does is hide the pagination buttons.

Thanks for your time

No need to touch the core files. You can set a different limit in the parent blueprint, default is 20 for the pagination:


Ah nice, not sure how I missed that one. Thank you!

Hi! This link is not working anymore. Could you help me to find a new relevant link? I would like to extend the amount of items in the panel, but can’t find that info in the docs.

Do you want to find a solution for Kirby 3 or Kirby 3 (because you posted in the Kirby 2 category)?

For Kirby 3: Pages section | Kirby CMS

Hi again! I am using Kirby 3 :). I think I found a solution in your docs: Pages section | Kirby CMS.