Panel is showing blank page

The website is running on my personal hosting (and Localhost MAMP), but not on the hosting of the client.
Hosting: Bluehost
PHP: 7.2.7

If you turn on debugging in your config, do you get any PHP errors?

All I can see is a Javascript syntax error-

Do you have caching enabled in your Nginx configuration?

@texnixe I am not really a back-end developer. Debugging is true.
How can I see error logs?

The live chat from the hosting tells me Nginx caching is enabled.

Ok, there seems to something fishy with your vendor.js file that causes the JS error. When I take that and put it into my installation, I also get a blank Panel page…

I don’t know if that’s just a corrupted file, but I suggest you update to the most recent Kirby version 3.2.5 if you haven’t already. If you have, please re-upload the \kirby folder and delete the media folder.

@texnixe It worked. I deleted the Kirby and Media folder and replaced them with new a one. Maybe something was corrupted when uploading FTP or something.

I turned of Nginx Caching. Is that important? Do I need to ask the host to turn it on again?

Thanks for your help

I’m not really sure, there were people who had issues with server side caching and the Panel (e.g. stuff not refreshing in the Panel). Depending on how helpful they are, you could let them turn caching on again and if you run into issues, turn it off again.