Panel: date field input shown in wrong language

how can I display the field value of a date field to the corresponding language setup in kirby?

This is my setup (single language site):

// config.php
'locale' => [
      LC_ALL      => 'de_DE.utf-8',
      LC_COLLATE  => 'de_DE.utf-8',
      LC_MONETARY => 'de_DE.utf-8',
      LC_NUMERIC  => 'en_DE.utf-8',
      LC_TIME     => 'de_DE.utf-8',
      LC_MESSAGES => 'de_DE.utf-8',
      LC_CTYPE    => 'de_DE.utf-8'
# Blueprint
  type: date
  display: DD. MMMM YYYY

The calendar dropdown is shown in German, but the input shows 01. January 2021.

Edit: kirby v.3.5.2-rc.1

Nobody an idea? Might this be a bug?

Uuhhh, there’s a cake next to my name :drooling_face:

I guess related PR is below and also pinging @distantnative to confirm this.

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Sorry for the late reply but yes indeed

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Thanks Nico! No worries, I know how hard You guys are working on kirby! :+1:t3: