Incorrect date from 'date-field'

Hello, I am trying to resolve an issue related to the default ‘date’ field from kirby used in blueprints.
It seems like it is saving a date one hour/day prior to what its value actually is displaying at the time of saving.

    label: review date
    type: date
    before: "published on:"
    display: YYYY-MM-DD
    format: Y-m-d
    default: today

I checked the value on the server by overwriting the writeContent function in my custom model

public function writeContent(array $data, string $languageCode = null): bool
        throw new InvalidArgumentException($data['review_date']);

And this is the results:

For debugging’s sake. The client POST request to the server contains the following json-object value:


It does not matter how the value is entered in the field btw, it always gives the same result.

I do live timezone GMT + 1, so that could be the issue. If so how to resolve this issue?

Using Kirby version 3.4.4
‘composer.json’ entry:

"getkirby/cms": "^3.4.4"

I know there are some issues with the date field for some people.

But it doesn’t really make sense to debug something in an outdated Kirby version. Could you please check if you run into the same issue with the current version?

Oke, so I just got around upgrading.

In version it keeps the correct date, but the time is still adjusted.
So for me (using only the date), this is solved, but I see this being problematic when you only need ‘local time’.

Giving the exact same input on kirby version, the response will contain:


So basically this boils down to the question: Is there a way to disable localized date-time input, and use the value as local-date-time?