Panel assets not stored in media folder - error

Whats odd is that Kirby is quite happy to create the media folder, and generate thumbs in it, but not store the panel assets in it - so it must have permission.

The panel assets cannot be installed properly. Please check permissions of your media folder.

What gets even weirder, is that if I push the site up with rSync, with the panel assets already installed, it still gives me that error. I guess it does not check they are already present before trying to create them, but thats probably on purpose since I guess they may change with each version release and you dont want the possibility with an older set being used with a newer panel.

Feel free to split this thread, since this is a different issue now, and the answer might help someone else.

Which Kirby version are you using for those projects, btw?

This site is using 3.1.2 and is using 3.1.1

Could you try and test if it still comes up with the RC 3.1.3?

Yep. Still an issue with that version.

I have no idea at the moment. Maybe a night’s sleep can shed some light tomorrow.

I’ve figured it out, the cause was the use of ->versionHash() to get the currently installed version number from the composer.json file, Seems I was a little heavy handed with my rsync exclude rule with trying to keep development type files off the live server, which meant composer.json files where missing from subfolders. It was catching the error because it could not find kirby/composer.json.