Page lock problem, when content changes happen "too fast"

In the following scenario the page locking mechanism doesn’t prevent content from being lost/overwritten.

  1. User A works on a page, saves the changes and leaves the browser tab open without leaving the page.
  2. User B checks the same page, corrects a typo and saves immediately.
  3. User A comes back to the tab and keeps on working, saving and thus overwriting the corrected typo.

This happens because, due to the actions of User B, locking and unlocking the page happens “too fast”. User A never sees the red bar and the content will not be reloaded, because the lock pings before and after User B’s edits come back “unlocked”. User A cannot know that the page has changed.

This only happens if User A stays on the page, navigating the panel and coming back would reload the content.

Can I do anything apart from telling User B not to be so fast? :wink:

Could the lock ping return a timestamp? So the panel can reload the content. Even though it never got a “locked” response, it knows the content has become stale.