New account - password coding problem

i have a problem with add new user. When i check if everything works fine after add new user, i get a message that is wrong login or password. My Admin account works fine. I checked .htpasswd files and i discovered that new passwords are not codded. My admin accout is long codded text. New accounts has only password, without codding. I think is the reason i have a problem with login in new accounts. Please help.

Yes, if a password is stored as plain text, you cannot log in. What is your exact Kirby version?

Thank you for attention. I have v3

Yes, that’s what I thought, but I wanted to know the exact version 3.x.x?

it is 3.1.4

That’s not up to date. Please update to the latest version. Kirby versions before 3.3.2 are not compatible with PHP 7.4+, resulting in plain passwords being stored.

If you can’t update because of breaking changes, you have to downgrade PHP to 7.3.

However, always keeping your Kirby version up to date is highly recommended for security reasons.

Great! thank you so much. I updated Kirby files and now all is fine