Multisite setup with single panel log in

Hey there!

I am currently restructuring and redesign a website for a mid-sized company that has two separate divisions. Currently, there are two separate website for each division each available via its own domain.

In the course of the redesign, we’d like to have a single layout that will be slightly altered depending on the division. Thus, we’d like the content to be editable through a single panel instance with a single log in. However, both websites should still have their own domain connected.

I would really like to structure the content in the way shown below (as if there was no need for separate domains). This would make it possible to reuse templates, blueprints, snippets and to manage contents of both sites through a single panel account.

|-- division-one
|    |-- products
|    +-- contact
+-- division-two
     |-- products
     +-- contact

Now I’m struggling to find a way to use separate domains for both divisions. My first thought was to simply create custom routes that would redirect to the correct domain depending on the first path segment, but this will output the wrong urls and will probably lead to problems with duplicate content and false urls in search engine’s indexes, …

Any ideas on how to solve this problem (in the best case without hacking Kirby’s core)?


Have a look at multi-site setup maybe?

Yes, I know about these options. This will require two separate content folders (and two separate logins for the panel). However, this seems to be the only sensible solution as I don’t feel comfortable hacking the core files.