Multiple Sites from 1 Install

I have a VPS and want to have the Kirby and Panel directories in a central location on my server so that all my websites can access the same install. Obviously the other folders will be in the public directories for each of the domains.

I’ve looked in to the multi environment setup and the customized folder set up but neither of the options are what I’m looking for.

I’ve also tried using symlinks but this didn’t work either.

Does anyone know to to do this?


You want to have several separate websites with only one kirby and panel folder, but all the assets, accounts and site settings are different for each site!?
Why don’t you copy (or better git clone) a kirby installation to each website’s root directory? I don’t understand it, or did I miss the reason?
You need a license for each domain either. And by the way, the license is saved in the site folder, which you said would be different for each domain. So there is no way to have a license for each domain.

I agree with @jbeyerstedt: Where is the advantage of doing that? Only having to update one install?

I don’t think this can be done due to the way Kirby is set up to work and it does not make sense either.

Some CMSs have instructions on how to do “multi-site instals” - both Wordpress and Drupal come to mind. Indeed, what is promoted there is the fact that the user would be able to upgrade several sites at once by upgrading a single installation instance. This would be akin to keeping the ‘kirby’ and ‘panel’ folders in a separate directory, which is accessed by several sites at once - while ‘content’, ‘site’ and everything else would be kept inside each site’s individual directory.

What is not explained to users is that this kind of setup has both security and performance issues, as it presupposes you’ll be running several sites either on the same server (bad performance), or across domains from a central location (security). All-in-all, the added complexity of such a setup is simply not worth the trouble - specially if your CMS provides an easy way to upgrade, like Kirby does. And now, with the Kirby CLI the upgrade procedure is even smoother…