Mulitple Sites serviced by Single Panel?

I am exploring Kirby for a setup similar to the one Bastian outlined here. Essentially mulitple sites created from the same entity. Is it possible that all of these sites are serviced by only one panel, say on Site1. So Site1 panel has the appropriate fields to populate and create posts on Site1 - Site5?

I wasn’t sure of this small technicality.


It depends on how much content the sites share.

If the sites are very different, you need multiple content directories to clearly separate the sites. Putting everything into one content directory would create a huge mess.
If the sites are not very different and share the structure or some content, you can use a single content directory for multiple sites.

The Panel can only work with one content directory at a time, so the conclusion is: If the sites are different, you can’t, and if they are not, you could maybe.

Thanks Lukas.

The sites will pretty much be thematically similar with just a change in media and text. There will be an additional postings feature on two of the five sites. I see what you mean by “one content directory at a time.” Not having built using Kirby yet, in your opinion would this process be easily navigable by an average, non-technical client (referring to the panel view of uploading/swapping content from one panel to mulitple sites)? Appreciate your help.

You would call the panel for each domain separately. While this is still the same panel installation, you would still navigate within one content folder for one domain only. So looking at this from a user perspective, this would be the same as working with different installations.

Multi-site-setup would indeed be another killing feature, if there would be the possibilty to switch the content-folder (and of course blueprints) on-the-fly, in one panel installation, available from one domain.

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It looks like most of the content is shared between your sites. You can then use the same installation for your multiple sites and create a configuration file for each domain where you can configure which pages should be shown on which domain. In your templates, you can react accordingly.

Please note that you would still need to purchase one Kirby license per domain.

What if the content is the same but translated to another language, but uses a different tld per lang?

That does not require multiple content directories, you can use the standard Kirby multi-lang feature for this and set the language URLs to absolute URLs (i.e. and instead of / and /de).

I’m trying to but I think I’m missing something.

Here is my config file:

c::set('languages', array(
    'code'    => 'en',
    'name'    => 'English',
    'default' => true,
    'locale'  => 'en_CA',
    'url'     => ''
    'code'   => 'fr',
    'name'   => 'Français',
    'locale' => 'fr_CA',
    'url'    => ''

This is my host file:

And I’m using built-in php webserver:

php -S localhost:8000

Is it possible that the built-in php webserver is the problem here?

Have you also configured your virtual hosts in your Apache configuration?

Well that’s the thing, I’m using the php built-in webserver so there isn’t a typical apache installation. I think I found my problem.