Kirby - multisite

Hello there,
i have a question regarding the multisite option (since v2) on a very conceptual level:

Why does it make sense to have that environment, if you have the content and site folder separated? Is this just a convenience to update the installations at once?

I am asking, because i would like to spread out a website on to 2 domains and this would only make sense, if i would have just one panel login that can edit both content folders. I also rather just have only one site folder with all the templates in it.
Is there a way to do this with kirby 3?


:thinking: one panel to edit 2 content folders looks a bit weird to me.
The first thing I thought about while reading your question was to use virtual pages and the kirby api.

So you have 1 “real” installation that contains the content for both sites and 1 “virtual” installation that reads the content from the “real” installation using the api and uses virtual pages to generate the content.

I have no idea if this makes any sense though

With the multisite setup, you can also use a shared site folder, that is in fact possible (or at least I think so)

The cookbook recipe just has an example.

Maybe it is a strange usecase, but i basically want to show two distinct parts of one organization in one website spread on 2 domains, which are made accessible via a main menu.
But: it would be tedious to edit this website with two different panels / content folders, thats why i was wondering if it would be possible to have two main folders within the content folder (domain 1 / domain 2) and be able to access both from one panel.

Regardless of this specific case, i am still wondering what the purpose of a multisite was in the original concept… :slight_smile:

The purpose of the multi-site concept is to have only a single Kirby installation to maintain.

I think you can only access a single content folder at a time. However, you could probably have subfolders of the content folder and then assign one of these subfolders per site (haven’t tested this).

I thought thats what i would already do when i make subfolders in the content folders named after the domains.


Only now the panel would give me only one part of the content folders…
Mhh, its hard to wrap my head around this, but i’ll ask a fellow programmer if he can come up with something…