Multisite, one panel


I checked this recipe after leraning that we can do multisite with one Kirby.

But Now, I nee to do a website and a subdomain website that will be connected in term of content, news from the first will create notification on the second and invert.

So my question is: Can I have one panel/content/media for two websites ? Considering that the second is a subdomain, and considering we need a licence for the two website.

Yes, you can use a single content/media folder and the Panel to serve two websites. To run two websites, you would nevertheless need two licenses, though.

The good news is that you can grab them at a 20% discount until Monday…

Yes I can imagine :slight_smile: I allready have licences on hand

Just to be sure, what If I follow the recipe I have to do something like that in the index.php:


$sites = [
  '' => '',
  '' => '',

$root = $sites[ 0 ];
$url  = 'http://' . $host;

$kirby = new Kirby([
  'roots' => [
    'index'   => __DIR__,
    'site'    => $root . '/site',
    'content' => $root . '/content',
    'media'   => $root . '/media',
    'assets'  => $root . '/assets'
  'urls' => [
    'media'  => $url . '/' . $root . '/media',
    'assets' => $url . '/' . $root . '/assets',

echo $kirby->render();

Not sure to be right…