Multisite using directories

HI all -

I’m looking to create a set of websites using Kirby’s multisite abilities as shown here but I want to use directories instead of domains.

So for example:

Does anyone know if this is possible? Thanks!

If the different sites do not need to access each others content, I think, that it would be the best solution to keep the websites completely separated. So each website has it’s own Kirby installation.
But I don’t know what your specific use case is.
But in this case you would only have to change the RewriteBase line in the .htaccess file from RewriteBase / to RewriteBase /site1name.
I’m using this for developing my websites on localhost.

Otherwise you must create a custom site.php file in your Kirby installation folder as mentioned in the Custom folder setup.
But instead of switching folders my domains, you should be able to get the requested URI by server::get('REQUEST_URI'), trim this string to the first / by using string manipulation and use this as switch for the different sites.
It should be possible, but I have not tested this.

I agree with @jbeyerstedt, it should be doable (haven’t tested this either), but the question is, if it is advisable.

You could also simply use one instalation have first set of folders site1name, site2name, site3name and if you need restrict administration use the new for users


Thanks all -

It’s actually a client request - a client who is my guinea pig for a first kirby project, so a good one to start with ha!

They have separate internal departments, all individually branded but sharing a domain name, so I thought it would be good to have one point of control. I’ll try the above and see how I get one.