Multiple sites with 1 installation

Hi, I’ve read how to run different sites with 1 kirby installation and within a couple of hours I’ve made a prototype. Questions:

  • I’m going to use one asset folder for all the sites (so ‘asset’ folder will be on the same lavel of ‘kirby’ folder): I’m aware that the question might sound a bit weird but - is this a safe/wise solution?
  • Is there a way to do the same with a few plugins?
  • if I want to have some basic functions (php functions) available for all the sites, shoul I put them in the index file?

Thank you

The /assets folder must be publicly available. So if your /kirby folder is above the web root for security reasons, you can’t put the as/assets folder there. If all folders are in the web root anyway, it doesn’t make a difference.

Do you mean, if you don’t share the plugins folder, but only some plugins?

Hi @texnixe
this is my folder structure. “es” and “rs” are a couple of sites. As you may see, assets and kirby are on the same level. This is what i meant.

The code:

About the plugins: it’s ok to share all the plugins. I’m wondering what can I decide to share, it’s a very powerful feature.


From what perspective?

Are you on shared hosting or your own server/VPS?

I’m working for a Foundation that have different web properties (sites). Every site has its own domain, but I’m trying to understand how to share a certain amout of code among the sites. No shared hosting.

Then consider moving everything that doesn’t have to be publicly accessible out of the web root for more security.

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I’m touched.
Soooooo powerful!