Made with Kirby and <3


Hey there!

First of all: thanks to the amazing team behind Kirby! You’ve done a fantastic job!

I decided to move our website ( from koken to Kirby to get a bit more lightweight and to support two languages - finally allowing me to have English as an option! It only took me a couple of days and it really was an absolute breeze! The site feels a lot snappier and compact now - before things were sluggish and slow - and I really couldn’t be any happier. Yay! Kirby is an absolute pleasure to work with!

I’m using Kirby with the excellent HTML5 Video and HTML5 Audio Plugins by Thomas Fanninger, the site is cached using memcached (Kirby made this easy as hell), everything runs smoothly, I finally have translated content (and not just German), I can serve alternate videos where I have English versions or just serve subtitles where I don’t, etc. etc. etc. in short: it’s fantastic! Cheers!


Our studio DisplayHooray has made a few websites using Kirby:


Hi all,

I made my small website for my Handpan music and projects with Kirby, Manmade-Theme and Comments-Plugin. Thanks to @bastianallgeier and the Kirby team for this CMS.

I tested quite some different CMS and really fell in love with Kirby. I’m not really a developer/webdesigner but with Kirby I find my way to edit existing things (nearly) to my own needs.

All the best, Felix


So now i’m Done whit my Site :slight_smile:



I’m happy to show you my first (Original simple and modest) theme for Kirby.

modèle 3345

Thank you.

#169 new kirby powered site for one of the world’s leading propel manufacturer.
Design by designschmid, Code by weitweit


We started using Kirby for the elbstack landing page and we think Kirby is awesome - saved us so much time!



An other theme for Kirby. This is a light and minimal Onepage design. Thanks to @texnixe, @lukasbestle and the others in the forum for help me to do it.

Lola Theme One Page

Kirby or not - not sure

Finished a nice kirby site two weeks ago :slight_smile:


Very nice! @monobasic!!!

Website looks and feels very good!




My personal blog and the website of my girlfriend are both made with Kirby. And <3, obviously.


Awesome @Sotapanna :smiley: !!


Hey, just finished this website for a french landscape architect company.



Kirby 2 is also rocking this one for French-Canadian print artist.


@wilhearts I like the design a lot, but the images seem to be terribly slow to load - the ‘company’ page is truly noticeable. If the user is uploading gigantic images, it may be a good idea to use the ‘thumb’ function to resize them down, and decrease loading times.


@luxlogica, thanks for your feedback, i figure you must be talking about Savoie Environnement. I did not notice this as i finished the project a while ago and client had not uploaded their final assets. I will implement your feedback and use the thumb function, thank you !


Just implemented your feedback, it is indeed way faster now. Thanks again for taking the time to notify me.

#181 new website for a local inn situated 1170m above sea level.

Design: & Code:


Nice! This was actually quite funny. :smile:

  • The big hero image says “This is what we want it to look like”.
  • The webcam image says “This is what it really looks like”.

(I know it’s not summer yet)


Hihi, yeah right, just wait for 2 months and everything will be green again :innocent: