Made with Kirby and <3

Very nice work! Ziet er goed uit :)relaxed:

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Hi Everyone, I just created my first Kirby website. Here’s the link


WOW I Like it :smiley: , is The Theme Selfmade?

Hi there, I have rebuilt my personal portfolio onto kirby

Also I run a small clothing label, and I have rebuilt the store onto Kirby and Shopkit by @samnabi
Its a joy to use!


This is my first Kirby project - a portfolio site for a client, Andersen M Creative Studio.

Just want to say a massive thank you for all the help I found on here while making it :relaxed:


Looks Rly Cool :slight_smile: ! Great Work @blows!! :smile:

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Hi Bastian,

I’ve been looking for an elegant CMS like this for a long time! Just bought a license and updated my site for my comic strips:

Can’t thank you enough for creating Kirby!



Looks Awesome !, i am a Big Comic Fan! :slight_smile: . are you a Comic Maker?

@simondev Thank you. Yes I am a comic maker! Enjoy!

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Hi, I published a new theme for Kirby:

Magazine Theme

Magazine is an elegant and minimalist theme for magazines and blogs.

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Hi all,
We used Kirby under the hood of…

…a website for a deck of cards of spacemaking activities, made collaboratively at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History’s Museum Camp.

(My first Kirby project, and it was a joy to work with!)


Wow! Already a lot of great Sites build with Kirby!!!

This is my first Kirby - Site:

Thanx to:
@bastianallgeier, @texnixe, @HeinerEF, @mzur, @lukasbestle
and all the other Kirby - Fellaz!!!

Saludos, Funkybrotha


Hi all, I updated K-theme:


K-Theme is a one page portfolio theme for Kirby CMS.


Today, my most complex Kirby site went online:

I used Kirby for a lot of sites, but they were always small websites. I don’t regret using Kirby for such a big site though, it’s super snappy.


Here is my projects. I simply just love Kirby.

This is my personal website for showing of my work.

And this is the company website I’m a co-founder at.

More to come in the future!

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Just finished a smaller site for a customer:
Very happy with kirby so far - it’s a great CMS system and really shines in a Grunt or Gulp based frontend stack.


this is my personal bussiness site :slight_smile:

Had the joy of launching my first Kirby website last Sunday. It’s was for a church in Brazil:

Kirby made it a fun and smooth process. I’m certainly looking for more projects like these.

Hello! Any eurorack enthusiasts around? I just made a new website using Kirby for Make Noise. Check it out:


Hey there!

First of all: thanks to the amazing team behind Kirby! You’ve done a fantastic job!

I decided to move our website ( from koken to Kirby to get a bit more lightweight and to support two languages - finally allowing me to have English as an option! It only took me a couple of days and it really was an absolute breeze! The site feels a lot snappier and compact now - before things were sluggish and slow - and I really couldn’t be any happier. Yay! Kirby is an absolute pleasure to work with!

I’m using Kirby with the excellent HTML5 Video and HTML5 Audio Plugins by Thomas Fanninger, the site is cached using memcached (Kirby made this easy as hell), everything runs smoothly, I finally have translated content (and not just German), I can serve alternate videos where I have English versions or just serve subtitles where I don’t, etc. etc. etc. in short: it’s fantastic! Cheers!