Made with Kirby and <3

Hey everyone. I recently released the V3 of my which is obviously powered by Kirby :two_hearts:
Feel free to contribute. I’m always happy to publish sites that are made with Kirby :wink:


Hi Kirby-Lovers,

I’m happy to show you my latest Kirby-Site. It’s a photographer portfolio

Check out the live-version: (probably not save for work)

Thank you for this great community and all the help.
Feedback appreciated :slight_smile:


I Like minimal design.


Hey there

I just completed the relaunch for the restaurant / cafe / bar / guesthouse “Der Neue Weltempfaenger” in Berlin. If you plan a stay in Berlin-Mitte, check it out…drop my name and you’ll certainly get a discount :wink:

Feedback welcome!

Great site, I really like it. Really nice work. I like the vertical menu and the way the candyland book cover is placed.

Just a few things I noticed…just personal opinion obviously :wink:

  • I find the font size on some elements a bit small.
  • A matter of taste, but I’d put all items in the main navigation on all breakpoints.
  • That keyboard navigation is nifty, but a bit too hidden I think.

Thank you @dinko for taking the time to give me feedback. I really appreciate that.
We’re going to match that with other feedback. The hidden keyboard nav is a good point… the rest you named are already on our list :slight_smile:

have a great weekend!

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Hi to all,

want to show my first site created on kirbycms


Hi all,
Still some works but quite finished a new theme:

White Board


Wow :heart_eyes:, its a Really Cool idea and Looks Amazing!! Good Luck! :smiley:



Thanks! Thanks to kirby founders :slight_smile:

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##My First Kirby Site … Everrrr

I almost forgot to post it here :stuck_out_tongue: I created this site months ago;

It is my first Kirby site ever, and I designed, coded and created everything by hand.

First I made the static html-template, which I than converted to a real Kirby-theme.

###I also changed some parts of the CMS to suit my needs;

The admin-backend is secured with a - nice styled - captcha-code (Kirby powered).

When you enter the right captcha, you’ll see the admin-form, branded in a corporate style.

I worked hard to power everything in the front-end from Kirby’s back-end;

Take the picture above, you can change these things from the admin-panel;

  • The number of bullets (add / remove a bullet - and the php-code will dynamically adjust).
  • The icons in the bullet (I made a special icon-field, from where you can pick your favorite icon which is than placed in the appropriate bullet).
  • The caption, text, etc… (duhhhh…).
  • The source, place, position of the image on the left.

This is how the page looks in the back-end;

As you can see, I converted all “blocks” from the homepage to “tabs” (tabbed interface) in the back-end.

So you can simply click on a tab in the back-end, which opens that particular part from the front-end.

You can than change latterly every content-aspect one can imagine from a nice, and simple interface.

This is another part of the homepage; the numbers you see are animated… and of course that animation is Kirby-powered © :slight_smile:

Using the back-end one can adjust the speed of the animation, the number-offset and the desired end-result of the highest numbers.

This is the back-end of the “numbers block”.

Using a dynamic structured field, one can add or remove the animated numbers and of course change them (caption, amount, speed, etc…)

The last example of my first site;

From the back-end, you can add extra content-blocks to one particular page.

Every content-block has it’s own color, icon, caption, etc… (to make it more user friendly).

The image above show one block (with a green accent, a headphone icon and a caption in a weird language).

…and this is how it looks like in the back-end;

Simply create a new content-block (which will show up in the tabbed-interface) and one can set the icon (bullhorn - with live preview on the right), caption and accent color.

The caption color also has it’s own shaded / degrees (hue, saturation, etc…) in the front-end;

This is done by some custom javascript (Kirby spits out the rgb-code from the back-end, javascript converts it to 50 shades of gray).

Thanks to Kirby and @bastianallgeier I now can finally create the sites I want… how I want.


@1n3JgKl9pQ6cUMrW Wow :open_mouth: you Rock!

Kirby rocks - I only play the violin (in the back).


I launched the website for my hobby photography today:

Still got some tasks to finish and got a few ideas for tweaks on my to-do-list, but so far I can only say Kirby rules. :slight_smile:

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This was an interesting one because we converted this entire site from Drupal to Kirby. The client is quite happy with the result (easier content management), and we are too (easier to provide new features and modifications). Even in just providing a straight conversion (no design changes) we still realized simple ways to provide upgrades in functionality and flexibility.


This Looks Amazing :smiley:

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Thanks @thesmithy.

Oh - I also wanted to say thanks to @DieserJonas for getting us started on the right foot with this. :clap:

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I just updated the design and the code (Kirby 2.3, SASS, cleaning things up)
You can have a look here; I’m quite happy with the result!


@JolinM I love the cleanliness of abundant white space on the page, and the bold typography - very, very striking, and very professional!

Little suggestion, which you can feel free to ignore: the menu is sometimes difficult to see/read against picture backgrounds - i.e., when we scroll in the portfolio section, or when viewing pages like the 'Saul Bellow Library". It might be worthwhile introducing a (semi-transparent) white background to the menu on scroll, to increase visibility and readability.

Great work!


Thanks for the praise. Noted for the menu; I’ll keep that in mind for future updates.