Made with Kirby and <3


I just published a website with themes for Kirby:

#433 showcases humanities projects across the US. These grantees of the National Endowment for the Humanities are sorted into impact areas and can be filtered by state. Thank you to Kirby and the community for making this project enjoyable! D3, the Kirby Map Field, and the Geo Plugin are used for the interactive map. Created at Visual Dialogue.


Karosserie Akademie

Mit Garantie


Heavy starterkit mod:

Special feature: fetches events and photos from facebook.


Great job… although I got bad gateway error the first time i looked.


Thank you @jimbobrjames! I wonder if the server was doing an auto update? I’ve never seen the bad gateway except when I’m messing with Plesk on the server.


Ive never seen that happen at all on my Plesk server. Weird. Certain kinds of updates will for sure bring the site down for a few seconds, but you shouldn’t see a bad gateway if your just doing general stuff in Plesk.


I only see it when I upgrade php versions, and just for a few seconds. Thanks for the heads up, I’ll keep an eye on it.


Maybe you can switch to slightly older version, upgrade the newer one, then switch back without causing the bad gateway.


That’s a good idea. It’s weird because it usually only takes a few seconds, and I wasn’t doing anything to the server this morning. Maybe it has something to do with my Plesk auto-updater setting.


Thanks to Kirby it is done! After more than 10 years, the old homepage of our gliding club was replaced by a new one. And due to Kirby it will be easier to maintain, maybe for the next 10 years :wink:.


Nice… but you should set the background image to cover the browser window and not repeat… I have a pretty large screen, and i can see your edges… :slight_smile:


Maybe now it looks better, but may screen is not large enough to check.


@webmvff, yep, correct, you don’t need a big screen, zooming out has the same effect…


Thats better, works great now (my screen is 3440 x 1140) :slight_smile:


Hi Kirbyers,
I am proud to show you this small but very special project that we have been working on for the past weeks. This project is about a solidary wine whose collection goes 100% to finance a project against childhood cancer.
It is also a great gift for these coming holidays. :slight_smile:
Of course is built over Kirby!



Hi, I launched the my first project with kirby this week:

curious to hear what you think!


I have updated my own website with kirby


Built this portfolio site recently:


I didn’t know you were the developer of this one, posted on my gallery already and didn’t include you in the credits :disappointed:
Love the site, nice job