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Hey there,
if you like HipHop / Rap music, this is for you. This year’s the third time the Leipzig HipHop Award SKILLZ is given to outstanding artists in twelve categories, promoting young talents and making them visible to a larger crowd.


Enjoy the holidays and take care,
one Love!


@S1SYPHOS There’s an image missing on the Gala page?


Which one, the banner image? First time someone’s missing an image (and telling me), so I’m confused … everything’s looking fine over here :confused:


No, below the banner:

(It only shows up like this in Safari, Chrome and Firefox show nothing, but the figure tag with the image is in the DOM nevertheless).


Thanks again, I fixed it. Client forgot to delete the image kirbytag after (maybe accidentally) deleting the corresponding image…


Well, I have neglected my personal site for 3 years now, so I gave it a lick of paint and added a bunch of content…


Link, Link, Link! (i am lazy)


whoops… here you go…


Bradshaw’s Guide is a hyperlinked revival of a popular Victorian guide to Britain and Ireland’s nascent railway network. I’ve been working on this site for several years now, and today I’m relaunching the site in beta, with new content, new features and a new design.

I launched an earlier version five years ago which used Kirby v1. While I’m eager to work with v3, v2 was still a joy to work with. For example, the ability to define models — and Bastian’s patterns plugin — proved invaluable in simplifying and improving the readability of my code. I’ve listed the plugins I’m using on the site’s about page.

Given the nature of this project (which involves digitising content from a guidebook produced in 1866), it is still only 50% complete. But in terms of design and features, I’m really happy with what I’m making available today. You can read more about this update on my personal website.


Wow! I really like your menu with the blurred background effect! :love_you_gesture:


Here are my latest themes created:

Bêta” - For studio/agency with portfolio.
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Gamma” - Simple theme of a single page of external links.
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intenss” - Old theme created in 2013!
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Hi guys, and here is another one:



And one more. This is a combination of Kirby & Magento for a cosmetic company. Site is available in german ( and french ( .


Hi there, right before Christmas this site went live. Its a pleasure to see that the site is running so fast:


Very happy to finally being able to post in this thread! \o/

Bas Gros Poing (it means down fierce punch) is a amateur website in french about fighting games like Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, For Honor. We mostly do podcasts and articles in French but an english version will come one day. I have been running it since 2009 first on Wordpress before abandoning it as it was driving me crazy. The flexibility and easy use of Kirby combined with the plugins the community created allowed me to relaunch the website and I really enjoy working on it right now as it’s fast and convenient.


We built the first real-time public transit audit using Kirby:


Thats really cool! Well done.


My sites run quite some time with Kirby already and I enjoy it! Time to share them here. :slight_smile:

First is my blog / website:


And then there is my photography website, featuring a new photo every day:

Do you have a personal blog?

Just add new theme colors…

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