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@texnixe Absolutely with you here but the mandating part wouldn’t have it any other way.


Coded a quick new site for myself…

…as well as a blog for my dad.
If you read italian and are interested in very weird blog posts give it a look.


I’m proud to announce my latest website for Queen Street Yoga – including live schedule/booking data pulled in from their third-party reservations service, MindBody Online.

I used the fieldtoggle plugin to create a very versatile page builder for this site. (I would have used the builder field, but it didn’t play nice with the WYSIWYG editor.)


I like a lot the (also the blog witch seems to be done the same way) for its simplicity, readability and efficiency.


Hi all,
i made it few months ago but forgot to share,
so here is the link, a simple website for a french * restaurant:

#417 - friendship is on the way.

Design & concept:


Since I’m a weirdo, I changed my site already. I coded a static version no more than 20 days ago only to then realize I liked the idea of blogging a bit more and so a static version didn’t make much sense.

I then coded a Kirby version of the same site but the legibility wasn’t ideal and the site was a weird in-between a personal site and a blog. So yesterday I coded an old design of mine on Kirby and I have a new site that’s now a normal and proper blog.

I also decided to put this very design up for sale if anyone wants to use it, more info here


Just launched this dutch website for an interior shop:

Made together with


Hi, I just released Showcase, a new portfolio theme for Kirby. It is accessible, responsive and clean.



Building a new theme for Kirby, I felt a bit inspirationless for colors, images, fonctionalities and how to present the theme. So I decided to make something that will let to the user do all the job…

This theme allows user to setup the website alone with backgrounds and text colors, and also play with some css pre built fields to be as free as possible. So with one theme, it possible to create numerous very differents designs, ambiances and thematics. Exemples:

I used CSS grid for home, projects and blog pages grid presentation. Unfortunatly it does not work on IE and Edge(for the moment) and elements will be displayed in a vertical column way.

Articles and projects can be filtered within categories and tags. Article page has a nice sidebar that can be organised by the user via the panel.

Themes is built with css only. I wanted something simple, fast and light.

I would be very happy to send the theme to people (if some are interested) who would accept to test the panel and give me some feedbacks about it before I put it for sell on Gumroad. Please contact me via MP if your are intereted. There are some ajustements to do in some blueprints but the job is done and if you like it, you can use it freely.




I’ve already posted a link to, but since I totally changed the UI (because of the new Bootstrap 4 beta) let me introduce you to a brand new version of this kirby-based and music-addicted website.


Website of Lukas Dreyer, a german cellist, arranger, impresario.

The website features a kind of blog and a smart event management system.
The complete source code is available on GitHub


I am now open for business and running on Kirby :slight_smile:


New Website:


Just finished my website:
It needs a bit more visual impact, but hey, working agile here :wink:


Just launched a new website for a client: :potable_water:


Negative Portfolio

Kirby for clients - observations

Hey there,
I’ve been using Kirby quite alot over the last months, thanks to the team and @bastianallgeier for this. Something that’s been bothering me for some time (at least in Germany) is the lack of quality children’s bookstores. Books, especially for the youngs, open doors to another universe - they are, in one word, essential.

That’s why I was happy to relaunch the website of my most beloved children’s bookstore with Kirby: Fundevogel in Freiburg, Germany (title of a fairytale first published by the Brothers Grimm).

It’s available in german, english and french (the latter only partly at the moment). If you have kids (and understand german), be sure to check out the monthly updated recommendations!



just to tell you that we are running an online photography magazine on Kirby:

Thanks to Kirby we are deploying the magazine faster and without much effort :slight_smile:


Glad I managed to ship this site before the end of the year:
Feedbacks are always appreciated.