Localhost is Linux

i have installed the newest version of kirby (2.4 Starterkit) on my localhost to test it.
On frist time runnung, i can’t go to the panel to make an new admin user.
The error is: "the URL you have request is not found on your server"
On an Windows 10 pc i can normaly create an admin user.
Why can’t i do that on Linux (openSUSE 42.1 Leap)? PHP 5.5 is installed.


Have you tried to uncomment the line

RewriteBase /

in your .htaccess file?
This is needed on many linux hosts. And depending on your setup, it could be, that the rewrite base must be set to something other than simply /.
If you access your site via http://localhost/website, the line in the .htaccess file must be RewriteBase /website/.

If this does not work, there are some other questions to fully understand your question:
The home-page of the starter kit works fine?
Do the other pages of the starterkit work?

i have the same problem, i try to uncomment the line RewriteBase / but that doesent work.

okay i fixed it, i installed the mbstring extension whit sudo apt-get install php7.0-mbstring and after that i have reload my apache server sudo service apache2 restart hope it works for you.

More information about the mbstring extension