List of good hosting providers for Kirby


The intersection between good hosters and free hosters is very slim. Most free hosters should generally support Kirby though, but they won’t be listed here unless they are actually awesome. :wink:


There’s usually a catch… typically iframes/ads.


i hosting my websites on


You can use Azure but I wouldn’t recommend it: It’s pretty slow and you have to painstakingly adapt the .htaccess to the IIS enviroment.
I’m not sure about the pricing though; there used to be a free plan but I don’t know if this integrates Git support and the like.


Yeah, are the worst. Not only in terms of lack of resources (I simply gave up installing Kirby for a cheap client over there) but years ago when i started out, a guy hacked one of my business site (or basically just called them pretending to be me and had them close all my stuff) … so yeah, at that price that’s what you pay for I guess :money_mouth: :thumbsup:


Thanks for these insights …!


Thanks for your Replay, but today i hosting my site on WINT.GLOBAL, its a really good Hosting Provider, The Support is really Friendly and Helpfull :slight_smile: !


What about Hostgator?


Dreamhost private servers work fine with Kirby. If there is no dissent I will put in the first post.


Well, my Favoruite German Hoster is its a Hosting Provider For Typo3, but you can install whatever you like :slight_smile: (Kirby)


I would definitely recommend Uberspace for hosting Kirby. Their service is great and you can setup your webspace as you like. :slight_smile:


I’m hosting on Hoopla, it’s a NZ based company.



I am planning to leave Hosteurope because of the usability of their backend interface, the quality of their spam protection and because of the grade of willingness to help with problems that occurred recently.

So I need a new hosting company in Germany and I tend to give Profihost a try. Does anyone have any experience with them? Or have an other recommendation?

Some years ago I went with Uberspace, but That was too nerdy for me, since I am no command line wizzard at all.


I have a site over on and liked their service e.g. installing a SSL let’s encrypt certificate was a no-brainer.
Also they answered questions really fast via their chat tool.
The only drawback might be that their very own site is sometimes a little bit clunky and slow.


If you don’t want to use Uberspace or any of those command-line-only providers, I can really recommend ALL-INKL. A few of my clients are using their service and are happy with it. They also support Let’s Encrypt out of the box.


Ah, yes, I had seen them too. Looks good… .


How is their backend interface? Is it usable or a click monster?


I’d say it’s usable. It’s definitely not totally annoying to use. :slight_smile:


Ive switched to managing own VPS about year ago. It’s not hard but it takes some learning. Its actualy quite fun and it will make you better developer knowing webservers.

I have had experience with lot of the forementioned providers - - -

All of them are more than capable and high quality. I switched from digital ocean because of pricing. Ovh is usualy the cheapest but their admin interface is not so polished (which doesnt matter because you use it very little). Linode now has 5usd plan and they are precieved as higher end although even from tests all of them are on par. Vultr started to be pretty agressive with its pricing (2.5usd for the lowest plan) its now priced maybe even lower than OVH. Also vultr only one you can pay with bitcoin.

Even the lowest plans can get you suprisingly far - we run multiple sites on the lowest tier with no sweat. I mean it depends on how much users you have but most of the people will be using kirby for sites with smaller audience.

In the end the bottleneck is usually harddisk space - especialy when your client uploads his 1.5gb - 20 slide presentation. Also memory can be bottleneck but even 512MB is quite enough if you run just sites there.

If i was picking now i would probably go for VULTR or Linode or OVH. OVH tends to run promotions when they have new servers - i snatched 1gb ram vps for like 20usd / year this way.


Does anyone have experience with ?

Their shared hosting plan seems extremely good, with git installed and ssh access per default. And lots of optimisations. And they are based in Europe (Amsterdam)—data centers included.

I am really prone to try them as I have to migrate a bunch of websites from another shared hosting plan.

The other alternative would be to go with OVH’s VPS, because I think it would be on the long run better than pick OVH’s shared pro option (money-wise and dev control wise), but I never set up a VPS—yet.