Alternatives to Webfaction (godaddy merger)

I started using webfaction because of Bastian’s recommendation, and it’s easily my favorite host. Or, it was. Now godaddy owns it, and they have put out conflicting statements about what will happen. Best case scenario, everything continues working and my money goes towards a shady company. Worst, webfaction is shut down and I’m expected to migrate to godaddy.

So it’s very likely I’ll be looking into a different host for my site as well as a few client sites.

So, any alternatives? Requirements would be:

  • easy to set up and configure
  • reasonably priced
  • Kirby sites run fast
  • nice UI for managing domains, email, and servers

I’m spoiled now. I don’t think I can go back to using cpanel. :grimacing:

I personally use and recommend VPSs these days. I have had a great experience with Linode and Vultr. Their cheapest boxes run Kirby sites blazing fast. Configuring servers is complicated, I let Laravel Forge handle that for me. Never had any issue in 3 years.

I worked with a client on a Kirby project that already used A2 hosting. They still use cPanel but the website ran fast on their Turbo plan and the support crew was great when we needed them.

Before I met Kirby, I used site5 for a number of years. They have a custom panel called Backstage. I loved their service and support always replied fast. I can’t speak for its performance today.

Hope this helps you get started in your hosting shopping.


I’ll keep it in mind. I’d be totally new to the world of VPN / server configuration and just thinking about that makes me nervous :sweat_smile:

Give Fortrabbit a shot. It’s almost the same, without the maintenance. A really nice UI too.

Now we’re talking. This looks cool.

I heartily recommend Moss. They have an amazing range of features - like monitoring, server auto-updates, auto-deploy when you push to your Github or Gitlab repository, and many many more - and absolutely incredible support.

Ooh, this one looks good too.