Who does everyone use for hosting + any host suggestions?

Hey all,

I tried to set up Kirby using Cloudways, but it does not seem to be working, and after a look through the forum, it seems like there have been a fair amount of issues integrating Kirby and Cloudways. What platform is everyone here using to host their sites? I specifically am looking for a host which:

  1. Allows unlimited sites on their starter tier.
  2. Can deploy via a Git repo.

Basically, a Netlify which also supports PHP. If anyone knows of such a platform, please post. I would be forever indebted <3

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Although it’s still a few months away, kirbyzone - the official hosting platform for Kirby - is coming… :wink:



This previous thread may help point you in the right direction:
List of good hosting providers for Kirby.

I will 100% be checking this out when you guys launch :slight_smile:

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I just switched from OVH to Infomaniak
SSL and git are included in the basic plan. Number of websites is limited to 20.
Now I deploy my work easily from Github (public or private) to remote at each push.

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I like Uberspace.
They have also a very interesting payment. It is not a root server but you can do a lot more than on a normal server but with less managment tasks.


I really like Infomaniak but for deploying I use non-managed with a github actions and docker to deploy.
Are u using the managed server option from Infomaniak? could you explain more about how do you achieve this with Github? sound very insteresting!

I think this article will give you a good starting point to deploy from github. sorry it’s in french, but google translate will do the job. There are also some details in Infomaniak website. I recently discovered that Kirby uses DeployHQ, I will explore this too :wink:
Hope this will give you some help.

DigitalOcean + Runcloud

@kuwts those two in conjunction do exactly what you’re after.

Sites are technically unlimited on a VPS but your limit is obviously server memory and bandwidth.
Runcloud provides git integration and you can do push to deploy.

Hey, I used this article and managed to set up the ssh keys & git but have trouble with the last step of the article:

Go to your repo directory.
Create a new file named github-sync.php
Open the file and paste this into it:

<?php `git pull`;

That part just throws me an error:

my.app [Mon Feb 28 21:19:37.744949 2022] [-:error] [pid ] [client] FastCGI: server "/home/clients/mypath/.config/apache/my.app/.fpm/php5.external" stderr: PHP message: PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function shell_exec() in /home/clients/my/project/github-sync.php:1

If you have an idea what it could be, I would appreciate it a lot!
Thank you

Hi, I’m sorry, I won’t be able to help you with this error :frowning:
Also, now I use Github Actions and Bitbucket pipelines
You will have more deploy options.

shell_exec(), exec() etc. are sometimes/often disabled by hosting providers. Check if this function is disabled in your php.ini. The backtick operator is the same as calling shell_exec(), PHP: Execution Operators - Manual

I use Digital Ocean and Hetzner with Laravel Forge.

This is a throwback, haven’t used Kirby in a few years now, found the SSG + CMS approach easier for me.