[hosting] BestPractice for hosting maaaaaany kirby sites


we use kirby to realise a school newspaper project. Potentially each school in germany could use tool (lets see what our sales team will to achieve). Currently we use a standard docker setup which turns out to be ok in our tests (10 sites for now).

I am wondering which setup you’d suggest IF sales is as successful as we hope and we have to serve many hundred sites. Here are some details:

  • each of the sites will contain 20 to several hundred (small) pages
  • many pages will contain images and/or video files so rather big media files
  • each site will have few to moderate number of clicks (it is not amazon ;-))

I would love to discuss your ideas and suggestions as i am rather new to big installations (operations wise).

Thanks for all guys,

Thomas E.-E.

Any best practice to share @texnixe @distantnative ?

I don’t have any personal experience. I’d probably go for a dedicated server either managed or if you have the resources, self-managed.

There’s also the KirbyZone option (https://www.kirby.zone/), but I can’t tell the current status or the future of this. If this is of interest, I’d get into contact with @kirbyzone.

@teichsta we’d definitely be very happy to provide you with some advice, at the very least. Our service is not ready to launch yet, but we are already providing test servers to several customers, some of which are using them in production sites. Feel free to reach out to me directly, and I’ll be happy to arrange a time for a video chat :+1:.