Reseller Hosting > VPS > Dedicated Server?

Hi everyone. I’m currently in the process of making the switch from site-builders to Kirby for client sites. I’m trying to decide between reseller hosting, VPS or a dedicated server. I would really appreciate your thoughts.

To give you a little context, I’m based in the UK and am specifically looking for a UK based solution. My business model is centred around digital sustainability (less intensive CMS/eCom sites) so it is vital that I use a provider with renewable energy. The product runs on a membership ‘saas’ model and the sites are fully maintained for the client. For this reason, the client should not need to look at anything server side. The only thing I want the client to be able to manage is their CMS (through Kirby) and their email.
Initially, I’m likely to need to run around 50 sites but I do need room for growth without having to switch suppliers. For arguments sake, let’s assume each site has around 200 visitors per day. I’m not entirely sure if I’ll need hosting for client emails as this has not been something I’ve dealt with before. I’ve always hooked emails up to Outlook/Gmail.

I realise that if I want to install anything to the server then I’ll need VPS or a dedicated server, but at this stage I’m not entirely sure whether I will need or want to install anything. If you can think of anything I might likely need to install given my business model then please do say, or if there is anything you have installed to your server that you find useful for client sites.

Thanks to the suggestion from @bastianallgeier, I’m currently looking at Krystal but if you have any other eco-friendly UK based recommendations then please do send them my way.

I should mention that I’m a designer so have limited technical knowledge, although I shall be working with a developer to get everything up and running.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m in the UK and i use Krystal cloud VPS. i can highly recommend them. They do re-seller hosting too. If you pick the cloud VPS, they can be modified interms of disk space and procerssors on the fly without any down time. If you get it with WHM and cPanel you can install EasyApache which take care of things like PHP installs and upgrades, right within the hosting panel rather then messing with the terminal.

Since you use gmail for email, Fortrabbit is worth a look too. Very fast, verystable, no server config to worry about. But they dont do email hosting. Data center is in Ireland though, with an other in the US. (It’s on Amazons infrastructure)

Thanks! Do you use email hosting with Krystal VPS? It’s not something I considered but I wonder if it’s worth offering clients a dedicated email host. How many sites do you have on your VPS? I’m looking at their plans but I’m not sure which would be suitable.

Honestly, I would really think twice about hosting the emails for those sites on the VPS. I do it for my clients, and it really eats into the space available. I wish i had used a third party from the start, becuase now its pain to migrate people or migrate the box.

I would have a word with Krystal support. The reseller accounts are for up to 100 sites. I think a Cloud VPS might work out cheaper but i dont know which box is enough for 50+ sites.