Fortrabbit + Kirby?

Anyone have some experience on using with Kirby ?

No, but they are definitely missing Kirby in their installation instructions section :roll_eyes:

Outrageous!. According to this page, Kirby is a Grade B system! (but tried and tested, they just don’t actively support it)

Oh nein! These Germans!


fortrabbit founder here (yes German!). Sorry, we haven’t found the time until now to catch up with the Kirby install guide. It’s hard to manage and update many install guides. As for system reqs it should work. Anyone willing to help here? Our help pages are on GitHub: PR with a draft and I’ll help to bring it in shape. Of course we can also grant you some hosting credit :wink:


@frank-laemmer Thanks for getting back, German myself, that’s why I dared to say it. Always happy to help out with an install guide, so we can qualify as Class A! Especially with the upcoming Kirby 3 version this would certainly add value.


Great, I just lean back and relax, while you Germans work on a good install guide, you will even understand each other…:wink:

Yep, our fantastic Germlish language makes it so easy to understand each other.

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I understand German about as well as I understand PHP :laughing:

Jokes aside, it’s great that fortrabbit are getting Kirby onboard more formally. It looks like great hosting. I would be interested to see the outcome. I wonder how many more hosting companies we can spread the Kirby love with…

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Yes, I have experience with Kirby in Fortrabbit, and everything just works. That’s all I can say :slight_smile:

Here’s a site running Kirby 2.X in Uni Stack Light:


So I started something here: - not really happy with it — too much if this than that. but a beginning. curious about Kirby 3, hopefully better Composer support?

here is the Master on GitHub. Help and comments appreciated:


Thanks @frank-laemmer, appreciate it !

I’m thinking of using Fortrabbit’s ‘Light’ pricing tier, which has a limit of 2 PHP processes and 128 MB PHP Memory. How well will these limitations work with Kirby? The site in question is an image portfolio with a few self-hosted videos and also allows purchases through the Stripe SDK.