List of good hosting providers for Kirby


i would stay away from OVH. The internet is full of bad customer services stories, and tales of sites going down for hours and they don’t bother to bring them back up.

I’ve im the UK and I host with Media Temple in the USA. I don’t think location is that important these days. My sites are very fast and deploy very very fast despite the distance between me and the data center.


thanks for the follow-up!

luckily all the websites running on OVH’s shared hosting basic plan that I built never encountered problems so far.

but i started to see the benefits of cloud-computing and ‘pay-as-you-consume’, and did some research this morning to see what is available.

i guess i am less and less prone to buy a VPS server from OVH now, though I never had any problem so far.



I’ve used NearlyFreeSpeech for a few years now and have found their service incredible for low to medium bandwidth sites, especially for the price. For shared hosting, the performance is good, and with SSH access, it’s pretty powerful too.


Krystal Hosting in the UK has a good reputation. I’m going to try them out for a month. I’ll report back the experience.


Sadly, sysprovide went offline, being replaced with


I have been trying out Krystal now for about 6 months (I have a Cloud VPS), and I can honestly say they provide excellent service and very fast servers.


For a french hosting with great support and an alternative to OVH: O2Switch one unique offer at a competitive price.


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