Kirby 3 Friendly Hosting Providers in America?

Hi all,
As noted, my hosting provider (iPage) does not allow patch requests which have made it difficult to use Kirby 3 (which is sad because of how awesome Kirby 3 is)

I am now looking into hosting providers for my clientm am using Kirby 3 and would like to avoid spending many hours on the phone while customer service reps look at me cluelessly when I ask them about Patch Requests like with iPage.

Does anyone have recommendations for service providers in the states that are Kirby 3 friendly?

Thank you!

I have had good experiences with Nexcess for the past few years. They promptly allowed for upgrading to PHP 7 when it was released, and you can switch versions in the site administration panel easily. They also integrate with Let’s Encrypt for free SSL certs in the admin panel.

I’ve had clients in the states and used Liquid Web, Kirby runs there just fine.

I think LiquidWeb just acquired Nexcess—weird congruence. Good to hear they’ve been solid, though!

We have a client running their site on GreenGeeks,
Their servers are very fast, their support team is, too, but they have a hard limit for CPU and memory usage you need to be aware of if you are planning to do heavy image processing.

I should state the website I’m making is a portfolio website so it will mostly be static images and text with occasional video embeds and they don’t have a need for a hosting provider outside of this (like they aren’t making websites themselves or anything)

I moved from iPage to A2 Hosting a few years back. It’s been smooth for K3 sites.

Free SSL certificates, and SSH access. Nothing fancy, but it’s worked as a cheap shared hosting solution.