[License] Question regarding charging for websites build on top of Kirby

According to Kirby License

You are not allowed to sell, assign, license, disclose, distribute, or otherwise transfer or make available Kirby or its Source Code, in whole or in part, in any form to any third parties.

According to above quoted paragraph from Kirby License, a web company is not allowed to purchase Kirby license and sell and distribute the final product build on top of Kirby to a client.

Further more, it seems also not to be allowed to charge in any way for the final product build on to of Kirby. E.g. SaaS which would license and make available Kirby to clients (third party).

How then a website build on top of Kirby can be legally sold or license (SaaS) to a client without the need for them to directly purchase Kirby license?

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This should still apply: Kirby License and SaaS business - #2 by gillesvauvarin

Thank you for the pointer. Unfortunately it doesn’t really clarify the issue at hand.

The post you are referring to says:

It should be fine to “rent the license out”…

However, the Kirby license says:

The license is… generally non-transferable

You are not allowed to sell, … distribute, … or make available Kirby …, in any form to any third parties.

Frankly, I fail to see how a developer or an agency could charge legally for anything build on top of Kirby :frowning:

A welcome consideration would be an update to the Kirby License, where in addition to reviewed Restrictions, you’d to provide a clear section of what is allowed.

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Sorry for the confusion here. We do of course support the model that you as an agency or freelancer buy a license for your customer and build a website for them. This is very common and done over and over again. In this case we are also happy to transfer the license from you to your client later if needed. Just send us an email in that case.

What we don’t support are businesses that buy licenses to redistribute them in any form as a new kind of stand-alone product.

Here are a few examples what we don’t support:

  • You build a theme and buy a Kirby license to resell it as a theme+Kirby bundle afterwards
  • You fork Kirby and sell the modified version
  • You buy licenses in bulks and resell them at a lower price in your own Kirby license shop
  • You build a website builder like Wix or Squarespace on top of Kirby and run that with your own license for multiple users

Basically any form of reselling or distribution that would damage our core business.

Adding examples to the license text could be a good idea, but preferably you should really just get in contact if you are in doubt.


Thank you very much for the extensive clarification.

What you said aligns with what I was thinking at first. However, as I was kindly reminded by colleges, at the end of the day the only binding statement is what the license says.