Kirby in public Github Repo

Hi there,

is there some kind of licence problem if we publish our website in a public Github repo?
Of course we wouldn’t store stuff like the panel and licence key there but the Kirby Core would be accessible for the public.
Just want to make sure we don’t get punched by @bastianallgeier

I’m not a crew so I can’t really tell. What I can tell you is this. It seems to be quite common with repos that includes whole the full Kirby with some additions to it. In that case they provide information that it’s Kirby CMS and that it’s not a free product. I’m not aware of anyone getting punished for it.

For example, there are many themes here: and some of them put the whole Kirby in the repo.

An example of that is which includes this information in the readme:

Buy a license

You can purchase your Kirby license at
A Kirby license is valid for a single domain. You can find
Kirby’s license agreement here:

As this may give Kirby more users that are paying for it, it might be good for Kirby, from a marketing point of view to reach out.

But as I said, I’m not really the right person to give you a full answer to this.

I’d say the same as @jenstornell, fact is, Kirby is all over the place (and publicly downloadable) and as far as I know, nobody’s got punched until know, have they @bastianallgeier :wink:? Of course, you should in any case link to the Kirby repo and provide license information. But even though I’m part of the team, don’t take this as legally sound advice…

These were my thoughts too. Just wanted to make sure.

So I will put a link to Kirby, the Kirby-Repo and the licence in my readme-file.

Thanks guys.

I would just ignore the kirby folders (and the license key) on git and would install them as dependencies via CLI or with Composer

You could also add Kirby as Git submodules, then you don’t publish a copy of the code. :slight_smile:
Of course you still need to add license information to the README.