Open-sourced kirby website


I am doing website for one nonprofit space. We decided to use Kirby because of the quality of the panel. We dont mind paying the license for kirby the problem we have is licensing. We need our site to be open-source. I know Kirby is very liberal about it but i want to know how properly put everything on github repo and open-source our theme/content.

Is it even possible with kirby licensing model? Can we just slap the whole thing into there or we need some kind of separation? How to properly hide our license keys?

Before I pass on any incomplete information, I have invited @bastianallgeier to this topic.

And it wouldn’t be okay to just publish the the content folder and most parts of the site folde (probably not your own licence key) ?

Also: There is a difference between Open Source and Free Open Source. As I understand it Kirby is already Open Source but Free Open Source because you need to buy a license.

  • Kirby + Panel + Toolkit has a license.
  • Plugins may have different licenses.
  • Your custom stuff does not have a license until you set one.

So, every custom stuff should be able to be open source. The rest might not be.

I’ve seen many forks of Kirby. They are copies of Kirby with customizations. They say that to use them a Kirby license has to be bought. I’m still not sure if it’s ok to fork Kirby like that.

Anyway, your own made stuff should always be the license you choose.

I understand that but the thing is how to do the whole thing conviniently enough. I would like to just have the whole instalation of kirby with plugins in public repo and in readme state that these are licensed differently (you have to buy license) but I guess thats not the way to do it to do right?

I am looking for a way that it will be public but also usable by other members.

When i use git submodules for the kirby core - that might work.

You can do it exactly like that. If you use submodules for Kirby and the Panel and add a note to the readme that Kirby is not free, it’s totally fine. You should use a .gitignore to exclude sensitive information like your config file though.

The license is indeed a bit tricky in this regards, but we are very open with it. We want you to be happy :slight_smile: As @lukasbestle already suggested, I would also go for the submodule solution. So you don’t really mess with the Kirby code in your repository, but still have a very good link to the original.