License issue with public Github repo with Kirby included?

I planning to share the source of a website made with Kirby in a public github repo. I would like to include all files as they will be put on the web hoster including Kirby.

My question is: Is sharing a website’s source including Kirby in a public GitHub repo OK without causing a license problem?

As I understand it, a license is required for hosting the website. That’s all clear. My question is about hosting the source code on GitHub with Kirby included in the Git repository.

If that is not ok, then we’d have to take Kirby out and create a build script to add Kirby again. I’d like to avoid that.

I know it would be even better to let composer handle the dependencies but having all files versioned in one place has other advantages.

I’m sure that’s not causing a license problem.
Kirby’s source code is on GitHub, countless Kirby websites and themes are too.

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Only issue I’d think of is if you’re using someone else’s template if it is a paid theme. Obviously not including the .license file in the repo.

I had the thought of if I got sick and was unable to continue hosting the Kirby website for the Christian group I’m with. I use a paid template so can’t do the same but for others wanting to do backups using GitHub to share you can still use the content folder and link to where you can purchase what else you use to duplicate a website.

Regardless you should mention in the description that you need to buy a Kirby license to host a website and link back to the Kirby website where they can purchase it.

Our license terms don’t allow sharing the source code with any third parties.

The reason for this is simple: The Kirby version in your public GitHub repo may become out of date once you stop updating the Kirby version. If other users download your site as an example, they will get an outdated version, which may have bugs or even security issues that we have already fixed.

@frg The easiest way that doesn’t need a build script but that is also compatible with our license terms is to include Kirby as a Git submodule. That also makes updating Kirby a lot easier.