Keep track on your Kirby licenses with Github private repo


Even with just a few Kirby licenses it can be hard to keep track of them. If you have a private repo plan on Github you can do like I did today…

# Kirby Licenses

Keep track of your Kirby licenses. Be sure to use a **PRIVATE** repository.

| Domain       | Code | Type      |
| ------------ | ---- | --------- |
| | CODE | Pro       |
| | CODE | Personal  |

This solution is not for everyone. Some will probably prefer Google Docs, or just a simple txt file.


FWIW: I keep track of mine in Dropbox Paper (which is an awesome tool btw).


You could probably use Bitbucket too, since they give private repos for free :slight_smile:


I use 1Password for this.


I use Buttercup which is free.


So does GitLab, which I use for my repos.


I also store them in 1Password, together with all other licenses.