Language fallback in blueprint translations


When I create a multi-language blueprint for the admin panel, it looks like this :

  en: Project page
  fr: Page de projet
      en: Title
      fr: Titre
    type:  text
      en: Text
      fr: Texte
    type:  textarea

This works great if my admin user chooses English or French as his language, but the translation does not default to english when another language is chosen.

I thought that if the user chooses another language, i.e. Italian, the admin panel would fall back to english.
However, it doesn’t work like that on my project :

  • the labels display the key of the field (i.e. “title” and “text” with lowercase t)
  • the blueprint title is not used in the template select field and always displays “template” as the title
  • options of a select field also display the key of the field

Am I doing something wrong or is this the intended result ?
Is there something I could change to force the admin panel to fall back to english if the admin user chooses another language ?

I briefly tested this and experienced the same behavior. I would expect the panel to fall back to the default language, so I consider this a bug.

I can confirm that this is a bug.
@groenewege: Could you please open an issue in the Panel repository for this?

OK. I have opened an issue on the Panel repository.
Thank you for the feedback.