Translations are not saved in panel in site blueprint and not displayed in template

I have strange behaviour: when I translate fields in site.yml blueprint, they are saved in content files, but then in blueprint all languages show the same as default language after refresh. Also although translations are saved in content file, they are not displayed in template - all languages show content of default language.

Ok, now I found the reason, it’s something with this plugin Autofavicon | Kirby CMS , after I removed it, can translate as usual @thguenther please have a look

When I deleted all content from /content/, getting this error:

Looks like the plugin (rightfully?) expects there to be a title in the site.txt.

Maybe, but there is title in both language site.*.txt files :man_shrugging:

I also have this in config.php:

'medienbaecker.autofavicon.text' => 'SG',

That’s weird. I can’t reproduce it but I added a fallback for the missing site title: Release 1.0.2 · medienbaecker/kirby-autofavicon · GitHub

Thanks. With newer version there is no error if site title is missing, but still the same problem with translations, they are not changing in panel and not working in templates.

Are you sure it has something to do with my plugin? I honestly can’t imagine such a simple plugin breaking frontend translations.

Can’t answer 100%, maybe it’s combination with some other plugin(s)? But can only say, that when autofavicon plugin it’s present, this problem appears, after I remove it, translations are ok. And also problem is only in “site” part, other pages are translated well.