Panel: Translations of section labels not working

I am totally stuck: I have created a bilingual blueprint with sections, langauge switching in the panel doesn´t work at all here:


  de: Termine
  fr: Dates


      de: Entwürfe
      fr: Dates non publiées
    extends: sections/termine
    status: draft

      de: Veröffentlichte Termine
      fr: Dates publiées
    extends: sections/termine
    status: listed


type: pages
parent: site.find("termine")
sortBy: eventStartDate desc
templates: termin
  de: Noch keine Termine
  fr: Pas encore de dates
layout: table
      de: Startdatum
      fr: Date de début
    value: "{{ page.eventStartDate.toDate('d.m.Y') }}"
  eventHost: true
  eventHostArea: true

When I change the language in the panel from German to French, neither the section labels nor the table titles are displayed in French. They are still displayed in German.

The language settings of the site are o.k. All other blueprints (without sections) work as expected.

Any hints very welcome.



Seems to work fine for me.

Thanks for testing, Sonja. Here no chance at all:

The blueprint headline (Termine/Dates) seems to come from the content files. Are there any other factors, that influence, what is shown in the panel. Any caches to clear? Any config to reset? Just updated to 3.9.3. No effect.

What you see there is not the blueprint headline but the page title, so this is a misunderstanding, this is content, not UI.

The translated blueprint title is shown when you select a template.

And the section label “Entwürfe” is shown correctly in German. Note that these labels depend on the chosen User language, not the selected translation language. So in line with the rest of the UI and as intended.

Thank you so much, Sonja. Just found an old post from 2015 from you. Same problem, same solution then. I really confused content and user language. Sorry for bothering you with this issue.

No worries!