KirbyTags Kirby v2 vs. v3


we are currently upgrading some projects from kirby 2.x to kirby 3.x and i have to say, that this is the most painful process ever. Haven’t found much information on how to upgrade our previous tags to the new system via plugins. Are there any limitations where we can use KirbyTags?


Is there a single field type where KirbyTags work out of the box?


Hi @tststs, and welcome to the Kirby forum.

AFAIK (email) should work out of the box in a textarea field. In the editor too, but you need to use the kirbytext block type for this to work.

Are you using $page->field()->kt() in the template?

Hi @bvdputte,

didn’t know about the kirbytext block type… which is indeed the solution to our problem.

Thanks for helping out!