Helpers (tags) as shortcodes in .php

I know you can enter…

(email: text: Send me an email)

…in a textarea, in the panel - and Kirby will automatically created a nice email-link with it.

But is it possible to enter this code straight into your template, using plain .php with the same result?

Like a shortcode (wordpress-style…), let’s say something like this;

<?php echo ("email: text: Send me an email")->kt(); ?>

Okay, I found it… they are not called shortcodes (coming from a Wordpress platform, I was focussed on that keyword), but… well, it’s just an array of tags - called kirbytag :smile:

<?php echo kirbytag(array("email" => "", "text" => "Send me an email")); ?>

By the way, why is there only a searchfield on the indexpage of the /docs section of this perfect site?

Everytime I am on a subpage, I have to hit or go back to in order to search with other terms…

Maybe it’s possible to have the searchbox located in every (docs) page… will find answers faster :stuck_out_tongue:

Absolutely! :grinning: