Wordpress to Kirby migration sheet

Earlier this day, I was searching for a “shortcode” implemenation in Kirby.

Shortcodes are a Wordpress-thing (in this context), and do allow you to place “snippets” (or, "shortcodes - duh…) in your .php files.

echo do_shortcode( '[contact-form id="91" title="quote"]' );

This will create a complex contactform on the fly, with form-ID#91 and a <h1>quote</h1> tag…

Off course Kirby can do the same, using Kirbytags…

So there is no problem with that… but… I had to search for a (relative) long time to figure this out… so I was wondering…

Why not create a migrationsheet or cheatsheet, specially designed for Wordpress-coders who want to migrate to the Kirby environment… populated with the most common code-terms?

Something like this;


do_shortcode ..... kirbytag
get_the_ID() ..... $page->id()
define('WP_HOME','URI') ..... c::set('url',''URI')

…etc… it’s just an idea, maybe I’m the only one :stuck_out_tongue:

(Disclaimer - maybe there are not that much Wordpress-developers here, but maybe there is a large (growing) crowd of developers migrating from CMS A/B/C to Kirby… so why not giving them a helping hand… I know there are migrationtools for Android-users switching to Windows Phone, and Illustrator-users to CorelDRAW, etc…).

Thanks for the suggestion! I have added it to the list for new documentation.

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