Panel - problems with textarea field - save not possible


we have problems with our customer panel expecting the textarea field:
with kirby 2.5.10 it’s not possible for us to implement text with multiple link oder email tags (link: … ) or (email: …).

We are able to add multiple links with the same link target oder same email target but when we try to add another link to another target we’re not able to save the page.

we tried php 7.0, 7.1 and 7.2, with and without activated boost.

and yes, if we remove any links and email tags the page will be saved sucessfully…

Do you have any plugins installed or custom tags defined? Can you please post a screen shot of the panel textfield so we can maybe see if theres an error in the way its being used?

Please try with a fresh StarterKit (in the same environment).

If you post some example text (not a screenshot), I can throw it at a Kit for testing.

I wanted to see how it looked in the panel because a longgggg time ago i had some issues there the placement of the tag in the field had an effect on the output, but that was with custom tags. Just a stab in the dark.

@pseTP I was working on a site yesterday that is pretty much vanilla Kirby with articles with multiple links and email tags in content without issue. Same PHP versions, same Kirby version. Does it happen if you try JUST different link tags or just different email tags? Maybes its the combination. Try taking the email tags out and saving with just multiple link tags with different url targets, and then try just email tags with different addresses.

@jimbobrjames It should have read: can not can’t!

@texnixe heh, no worries :slight_smile:

@pseTP One other thought - is there anything special about any of the links you are trying to use? Do any of them have anything like query strings or spaces (which should be probably changed to %20 instead of a space. Browsers do that automatically but i’m not sure if the textarea can deal with that, never tried it) or funny characters?

@pseTP Can you see any php errors in your logs or any errors in the javascript console when this happens?