Custom kirbytag plugins not running

Hi there,

I tried to update an custom kirbytag from v2 to a plugin for version 3.
I failed. The Tag in brackets always remained as text, like this: (customtag)

I didn’t use plugins before in kirby, so I tried testing other existing plugins on the kirby v.3.10 I’m running.

  • I got the Random Plugin with the kirybtag working.
  • And also the doctor plugin
  • Yet the basic kirbytag Codepen plugin I coudln’t get to work again.

So I assumed I must be doing wrong on a bigger scale, not only in my own kirbytag plugin code, but somewhere else. I deleted the plugin folder structure, created a new one and started all over again and ended up in the same spot. I tried on different pages with different templates (all using $field->kirbytext() ), but the issue continued.

And I would be super glad for any eyes on this to figure out what I’m doing wrong here :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot for any help, people!

Here is my site folder structure:

Hm, the codeine plugin seems to be broken for some reason, have to look into that.

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Btw: I stripped down the random plugin to the few lines concerning the kirbytag, altered the code it for my basic needs (just adding some span classes) and got it to work. But I still wonder, why I my own versions before and the codepen plugin didn’t work.

The CodePen tag should be fixed now.