Kirby writer field custom marks/toolbar

Hi all,

First of all; I really love the work you put in to Kirby3.5. It’s such a better experience.
Really like the new ‘writer’ field as well; is it possible to add custom options to the writer toolbar?

For example a list; or h2? For now the options are static (as documented) but is it possible to override/extend this easliy to add new toolbar features?

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I somehow doubt that that is easily possible. Looks like the available marks are defined in Kirby\Parsley\Schema\Blocks;

I think that’s not correct. We’re talking about the new Kirby Writer field. Those blocks are texarea only.
The writer field doesn’t use parsley in the first place.

The writer field is a spin-off of the blocks field. The blocks field uses the same writer field internally for all text based fields, like the text block, the headline block etc.